I am sort of obsessed with something lately: babies. I went to a ward party with my parents in Connecticut and the whole time I was holding someone's baby. I held Clara, Paolo, Mischa, etc. Except the whole time I was wishing I had my own baby. I don't really want a husband, I just want a baby. I don't really want a toddler and definitely don't want a teenager, but I do want a baby. It doesn't help that with all the NYC shopping we went into baby Gap, Anthropologie, and some other tres chic baby boutiques. I don't mean to sound strange, but I do want a baby. Just not all of the unnecessary pieces that accompany one.


Jessica said...

Mands, having been with you this entire week. Actually,your whole life, I know how much you love babies. But, quoting mom or dad, "there is so much to do before then! live your life! Do a study abroad! law school, optometry, you have your whole life to be married"
I'm just sayin, is all. But I can't wait for you to have kids! They will be adorable, as are you:)

Paula said...

Amen to Jessica!