Lonely Person Theory

Some people walk around and on the inside they are ice but on the outside they pretend that they are fine and that everything is peach punch.
And they walk around with smiles on and they wave at their friends and they elevate their voices to high pitches when they see an acquaintance and they make their bodies hug. They put on a show because on the outside they are supposed to be fine. But I wonder sometimes what kind of ice they carry with them.
Maybe person X just got fired and they have to skip lunch.
Maybe person X just found out their Mom has cancer, or their Papa.
Maybe person X is just unhappy because they are experiencing unrequited love or maybe person Z who they love recently broke up with them for reasons they don't understand and they are afraid of being alone.
Or maybe person X just failed an exam or found out their puppy Luigi died or that Obama is the new president or that it is snowing for the 814th day.
But maybe it is just me thinking that person X is sad and carries ice inside of them. Maybe everything really is peach punch.
But me? I am ice woman today. Made of ice.


7upkels said...

You are like E.E. Cummings for two reasons.
1) I seriously love your writing as much as his.
2) I think we could sit in coffee shops talking about lots of things too - even when it comes to ice, Obama and the endless snow.
I hope you have a great day today, especially because its Valentines day :)

drewandlacey said...

come to nashville. we can be eskimos together. :)

True said...

First Off, Person Z Loves Person X! Person Z Can't Wait Until One Day (Sometime Within The Next 10 Years) When He May Be Able To Spend His Entire Life With Person X. But As For Today, Person Z Is Ice Man As Well. Pretending To Be Peach Punch By Staying Crazy Busy And Looking Forward To An AMAZING Future With Person X (When Peach Punch Is Somehow Miraculously Turned Into A Delicious Peach Topping For Person X and Z's Belgian Waffles In The Morning) Hopefully You Like Peach Belgian Waffles?