2 Weeks

Dear Friends,
I have missed you so.
I spent two weeks in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, where I was an efy counselor.
It was a lovely experience, and I made so many new friends.
Here is what else I did:
  • Sang beautiful music
  • Bore my testimony a lot
  • Ate too many choco-taco's
  • Held hands with someone new
  • Snuck away to a New Hampshire pond
  • Fell asleep in classes
  • Slow danced under the stars
  • Won a ping-pong tournament
  • Figured out that being 20 is magical

Oh, and I also decided that loving people is the most beautiful thing in the world.

That's All.


Love Cami. said...

that is the one thing i never got to do before i got married. i had so many amazing experiences there. im sooo glad you got to do it!!

and i would LOVE to do your pictures... is that someday going to be quicker than we think.. mrs holding hands.. :)

Bryan said...

who who who who who?!

Leon said...

But you did do a hello I'm back post, also a fabulous idea. Ps Cali is great.

ashley lauren said...

i keep on seeing these adorable pictures of you that someone else has tagged on facebook. you look beautiful. i forgot how much i like your face.

it sounds amazing. i can't wait to hear about it. IN PERSON.

Sheryl said...

amen to all that you stated. didn't know about the pond thing though. how romantic. email me at sherylkgarner@gmail.com so i can add you to my blog. love and miss you darling.

Ela said...

Oh sounds like a lovely experience! I went to YW camp this year (YW President for our ward) and it's wonderful to be around the youth and hear their testimonies on the last day. Glad you had a wonderful time!
Missed you, welcome back!!!

Brittany said...

I'm so jealous of your two weeks! It sounds so amazing. I want to hear more about your efy experience...I have plans to do it next summer.

Stephanie Kim said...

you can never have too many choco tacos ;)

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, lovely sentiments!! :)

Be sure and pop by and leave a note.


Bridgette said...

How fun!! You would have been the best EFY counselor! Held hands with someone new... ;) that's the best!

manda said...

You are simply amazing! I think we would be great friends. I am jealous you got to be a counselor. That is one of my goals!