Remember ?

Remember when I told you about this project?

Well, I am putting together a portfolio of photo shoots I have styled in case I decide to get my graduate degree in fashion.
This talented photographer took the shots, while I styled the outfits.
I also modeled with 4 of my favorite people, including her and her.
If you are in the Hawaii or Utah or the Connecticut area and are a photographer looking for a stylist, let me know.
I am kind of all over the place.

And there are so many more photos, that I can't even wait to share with you.

Did I mention that it was so much fun?
Because it was.


Olivia Rae said...

these photos are stunning!! you're a great stylist, i love everything about them.

Leon said...


ashley lauren said...

i love it mands. thanks for titling me as one of your favorite people. it made me so happy :)

you will be an incredible stylist. i know it.

Brittany said...

a graduate degree in fashion??? i'm really excited for you. the styling is beautiful. you really rocked it. and the shots are, of course, lovely.

7upkels said...

oh wow. i spent last night showing my parents these photos. they love it more than me.

you did an amazing job. whatever you pursue in life, you can always consider being one of my personal stylists. haha.

and i miss you. i hope hawaii is magnifique!

Jalene said...

How fun! So beautiful.
Um... I might ask you guys to be my models. ;)

Lizzy said...

pretty pretty pretty