Hey Friends.
Want to help me with a homework assignment?
Please tell me what you feel is the most beautiful word in the English language.
Alternatively, please respond with your least favorite.

I'll start:

Your turn.
And please, don't be shy.


Laur and Dev said...

Beautiful: Felicity
far from beautiful: Fart

I love you.

Elise said...

lol @ Laur and Dev: "fart"

Beautiful: Delicious
Not Beautiful: Fashionista (it really, really annoys me)

Bambola said...

Beautiful : Effervescent
Not quite so beautiful : vain

Leon said...

Beautiful: Heteroscedasticity
Fea: Random (used incorrectly, which most people do 99% of the time. Makes me wish I had shards of glass in my eyes. Pardon the vulgarity.)

Reginasaurus said...

Favorite: blossom (it blossoms in your mouth)

I agree with fart as the bad one. It's just a terrible word.


Bailey said...

Beautiful: Serendipity
NOT: Panties

Elise said...

Sorry, I'm being greedy. I have to add another awful work to the list:

Not Beautiful: Moist

It makes me shudder.

siovhan said...

Beautiful: Swirl
(I think it actually sounds like the act.)
Not beautiful: Ointment
(and I hear ya on panties @bailey.)

I want to be you.

drewandlacey said...

beautiful: shower

not beautiful: crusty


Sarah said...

Beautiful: Thither
Not so Beautiful: Elise stole mine. I absolutely hate Moist!

Melissa said...

Beautiful: imperial

Not beautiful: usurp

Christopher says..

Beautiful:discombobulate and honkey-tonk?

Not beautiful: he said panties. Without even reading any of the other comments. Wow.

Jalene said...

Beautiful: Delicate
Not beautiful: Rectify

My boss says "rectify" all the time and it makes all of us shudder.

Brittany said...

I'm almost mad at you for making me spend a wonderful 20 minutes making lists while I should have been catching up on homework. Almost.

Beautiful: dalliance, soliloquy
Not so much: grope

Jessica said...

Is this too cliche or dorky?
Beautiful: Shimmer
Ugly: Turd

ashley lauren said...

i had to look at a dictionary for this one, because as soon as you said think of a word... i forgot all my words.

beautiful: inevitable
ugly: maggot

Kylee said...

Hi, I am a new reader to your blog, but couldnt help but share my opinion!

Beautiful: Luminous

Worst word in the world: cougulate

7upkels said...

i have a list of lovely words - and thanks to this blog post, i can copy so many! what a great idea!!

my favorite word: nonchalant - ever since it was on my 7th grade spelling test...maybe it's more french, but that's okay, it's still my favorite.

ugly word: moist. "i like moist cupcakes."
ggaaaaag. i don't like it one bit.

Nathan Brough said...

Beautiful: Canon
Least favorite: Nikon


kate lines said...


it's one of my favorite words.

Tia Zwick said...

Beautiful: Bliss
Not Beautiful: Gargoyle