Thanks friends for your help with the pretty/ugly word exercise.

So the assignment was to make up a paragraph story using as many of the words as possible.
I have to admit, some of the combination's made me blush - but I wrote the following story using all of your beautiful and incandescent words as well as your vulgar ones.
It is pretty gothic-romantic, so hang in there.

Don't judge.

"Shimmering blossoms swirled around the maiden who inevitably would be wed. In this Eden-like garden, maggots coagulated in the luminous glow of her silhouette if only to discombobulate the damsel in the time of her bliss. In the dark, her soon to be prince entered the grove nonchalantly, pretending to rectify her felicity with his honky-tonk dalliance. Groping for her hand, his crusty, yet delicate embrace caused her to shudder deliciously; unaware of the moist, poison ointment he applied to her effervescent skin. As the poison usurped her power to reason, she imagined the vain gargoyle above her head singing a canon soliloquy, and her attempt to shout for aid was vain. Delicate showers of turd-like petals rained on her deadening cheeks, while her panties remained on her being despite the fear that caused her to shudder thither. Butterflies flapped their delicate wings like a fart – their steady hum encircling her face, her pelvis, her feet. This fashionista had inhaled her last breath, and the shimmer of her silhouette became obsolete under his imperial hands."

I told you it was lame, but I still felt like sharing.

Did you find your words?

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Elise said...

"Delicate showers of turd-like petals "


"Butterflies flapped their delicate wings like a fart"

have me giggling like a school-child! I don't know how you managed to make all that into a little story but it is genius and oddly beautiful!

Jessica said...

I love your usage of "fart" and "panties." Very smooth.

Cat said...

i really enjoyed this story, as a matter of fact.:)

Sheryl said...

darling. you're still oh so wonderful. how did things end up with our friend?

siovhan said...

hahaha. this is HYSTERICAl. amazing! i liked moist and ointment. they're both horrible.

7upkels said...

hahaha YES. nonchalantly and moist. LOVE the story.

Laur and Dev said...

I am in class and I am pretty sure the girl behind me read that...we both blushed. Loved it Mands!