I like

I've been staring at these images for days now.
I love fashion.
Not in a vain, prissy, proud way.
But in a creative, feminine, pretty way.

I think it's amazing how a new skirt, or blouse or shoes can transform you magically into something completely different.

(It's kind of like magic)


7upkels said...

It is magic. That's why I go shopping so much!

Leon said...

I agree! I feel like a completely different person when I don a skirt and a blouse - old or new! Haha! Oh man, I crack myself up.

Julie said...

Amen to that!

Laura Marie said...

will you please put an outfit together for me to wear when i leave my reception? i'm totally not kidding. i probably want something a little warm--or just a cute jacket or something. probably a skirt or dress though...? :)

Michelle said...

I totally agree! A new outfit, or even just a new scarf or shirt, can make you feel way better about how you look and are projecting yourself onto others!

I love fashion because it can make dressing everyday a little more interesting and fun, reflecting my mood, but I don't like fashion just for the sake of being fashionable. Because then it's all about other people, when it should be about how it makes me feel!

(wow that sounded WAY conceited, but wasn't meant that way)

Lauren said...

i think you should take a look at this:


it has you written ALL over it.

Michelle said...

Thanks for telling me why you have faith in God, it means a lot! I have been praying and thinking about God and faith A LOT over the last few weeks, and I am hoping that my mind will catch up to my heart soon!

Thanks so much for your words, I would love to hear anything else you want to share if you wanted to!!

Ann said...

we love fashion, too, in the same kind of ways!

thanks for stopping by our blog...i'll be back!

ann in s.c.

p.s.- i'm totally jealous of where you live.