I can't stop staring at this picture.
My little sister is so gorgeous.
And she is even more beautiful inside.
(If that is even possible)
I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't get to have her for a sister.

I miss her everyday.


olivia rae said...

she is so beautiful!!


Jessica said...

Hey you, I love you, and miss you everyday, it's making me crazy!
Thank you.

nicole addison said...

what a stunning picture!

Cat said...

so sweet (:

you're featured on my blog this month!

Melissa said...

The thing is, I get her for a sister too! We're both super lucky, I think.

Brittany said...

Sisters are the best. And I love when you post photos from this shoot; it is so beautiful.

p.s. I'd love to talk classes with you. Email me? brittanyaustin17@gmail.com

7upkels said...

wowsa. what a hot tamale who is even hotter doing the miley cyrus dance.

ashley lauren said...

Awwwh, this made me so sad. Sister-separation is the worst. I will send her some lovin' for you ok!

Crystal Ball said...

What an incredibly breathtaking photograph.
She is really beautiful, as are you. I'm sure both of you are incredibly beautiful inside as well.