love this ♥

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
- Tolstoy

(someday i want to make room for this beautiful picture in a nursery)


Leon said...

It is beautiful. Very beautiful.

ashley lauren said...

i love this. so much! the quote especially!

ashley lauren said...

also, i put a link to your page in my last post. see if you remember what i wrote about? :)

Cat said...

so pretty (:

m. estelle said...

if you are still loving it
when you're ready to get hitched
call me
and you can wear it, for sure!


7upkels said...

yep. i think i will do the same. hope you don't mind if my first child has the same room as yours :)

D. said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I am glad that I inspired you. I have checked our your site and I have to say that this photo really touched me. The image is so beautiful and beyond words. Your comment about the nursery someday also touched me because I have been wondering if a nursery will be in my future now that my life has taken a new path. time will tell.

siovhan said...

oh i want this!!!!!!

Michelle said...

that's an amazing quote! seriously, I love it. I am actually writing it down right now, to put on my picture board!