All day I've been sitting on trains

Jumping out of planes.
It happened so fast, it felt like cold, soft cement on my face.

When we went through a cloud it was freezing.

And we fell for what seemed like forever before he pulled the parachute.
We looked down at Hawaii and saw all of the beautiful beaches,
But all I could think about was how nauseous I was.
When we landed I was so sick I could barely walk.

Does it sound like fun? :)

It was beautiful, But I will never do it again.
It also made me laugh because we had to sign our lives away.
And before I jumped out I thought that (maybe) I might die.
But I'm alive and breathing friends,
and have so many more pictures to share.

(and I miss Kev-friend already)


Sheryl said...

i really want to do the same thing with someone i might love...just like you. breathtaking, but worth it right?

Michelle said...

Ohh that is too bad that you had the guts and courage to jump out and then you got sick!

At least you got to see a wonderful view and experience it with someone like Kevin.

Love Cami. said...

i admire people that can skydive.. it scares the bajibees out of me. i think i watched too many of those when things go wrong shows growing up..

Nicole Smith said...

wow you are brave!

Cat said...

oh my goodness. that sounds both terrifying and exhilarating! at least it was a shared experience. sounds like... fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool

Lauren said...

you crazy girl!

Carmella said...

that's so awesome!
this has always been on my "to-do before i die" list!

siovhan said...

I LOVE THIS!! I want to skydive so bad! And you look GORGEOUS as all get out, Miss Mandy.

Ela said...

Mandy, you are so brave!
I could never...LOL, my stomach flips just reading this :)

Lizzy said...

Aaah so crazy! I used to want to do it but I think i'd rather stick with paragliding after your description .

love the pics.