Valley of the Temples

I liked this part of Kevin's visit.
We saw a giant gold Buddha,
Chased peacocks,
Invented a new language: Gong.
And we rung it 3x each.
We carved our names in a tree.
And had a sword fight.
We played baseball with rocks and bamboo,
Fed the Koi fish.
And held hands everywhere.
And that was the best part of all.

p.s. click here if you want to see what i did this thanksgiving.


Kyle and Kaylee said...

Cute Mandy! It looks like you two had a fabulous time :)

Michelle said...

So pretty! I need to go back to Hawaii and visit my family! I love that you and Kevin made up your own language- that is the best way to communicate in my experience.

PS. When I was reading the link to the other blog, I totally read it wrong and thought it said you guys were engaged and my jaw dropped!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool

Cory and Lyndsey Cosgrave said...

you used PICNIK!

Cat said...

very cute! sounds like fun! the pictures are beautiful. i love the fish.

Jessica said...

Peacocks? Really, really?! Where do you live?!
Magnum, the pics are stellar. You are Kev-o are adorable. And the trip sounded like bliss. Love. love. love.

Melissa said...

great pictures! the scenes of the temple are gorgeous =)

Lauren said...

i'm so excited for you.
you've both got that twinkle.
it can only mean one thing...
he's a keeper : )

Carmella said...

oh wow, this place looks amazing!

and- how cute are you two!?!

Brittany said...

pretty place and pretty people.

you and kevin are adorable.

siovhan said...

I love koi. And peacocks. Almost as much as I love holding hands. I am SO glad you two had a fantastic time!

Ela said...

It's so pretty!
It's wonderful you could spend Thanksgiving together...and stopping by your friend's blog, it was so cute to read you two are "engaged to be engaged" :)


Heather said...

haha, Why are there peacocks in Hawaii!? Sounds like it was a blast! just a few weeks till you come back to Provo! yahoo!

Sheryl said...

holding hands...one of my favorite dating pastimes.

emily said...

gorgeous. i love koi fish and their mouths :)