I Can't Wait

To read my kids Roald Dahl books.
I think he is the reason I am an English major.
I used to wish I could be Matilda and escape with Miss Honey,
And deliver dreams with the BFG,
And trick all of those evil Witches.

I remember crying at the beauty of Danny Champion of the World
at a very young age.
Not knowing that for the rest of my life,
I would feel that same thing.
That beautiful, cathartic, spiritual moment when literature says what you can't.

And I can't wait for my children to feel that way too.
And I won't even tell them to go to bed,
when I see them reading under the covers with a flashlight
(like I used to do).
Instead, I think it will make my heart float like helium.

And I will smile at their saggy eyelids across the breakfast table,
Knowing that they have a major piece of me.


Brittany said...

Mandy, I like this so much. Especially that last part about the saggy eyelids and the piece of you.
Also, the part about flashlights and letting them read.
And the part about spiritual moments.
But that's all :)

I love Roald Dahl too.
Hooray for English Majors.

Bridgette said...

I love it. Everything you write is so beautiful. I wish I was like that, I loved Matilda but never got past that. Now I am finding the passion in reading at a late age in life...oh well I guess everyone has to find it sometime! PS You are going to be the cutest lil mommy someday!

Michelle said...

I love love love Roald Dahl. Some of my favorite books from childhood!

and I agree, if my children inherit my need to stay up till all hours of the night reading, I will be quite proud.

I think my dad reading to me every night helped make me love books.

ali said...

You are too cute!!

I love Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein and Robert Munsch, and I cannot wait to read these books to my future childrem as well.

Erin said...

Beautifully said, Mandy. Some mornings we read books at the breakfast table! Our little boy just read Fantastic Mr Fox with his dad and is so excited to see the movie now...
Danny is my favourite Roadl Dahl character ever. I am also quite fond of Grandpa Joe!

siovhan said...

i feel this same way!!
i want to be that kind of mom because i had that kind of mom. literature was a release, and escape, a catharsis, and a welcome vacation all wrapped into one.
i can't wait to give my children rows and rows of instant getaways and bond over the love of these words.

ashley lauren said...

I feel the exact, exact, EXACT same way! Roald Dahl will be an asset to every bookshelf I own.

Kyle and Kaylee said...

I love this- I think you would appreciate that I just finished reading my class "The Witches" and we are now reading "Matilda"- oh and I also read them "James and the Giant Peach". Basically, Roald Dahl is the best. Ps, the semester is getting pretty close to over and I am getting excited for you to be back in Provo :)

7upkels said...

Just like everyone else has said...
YES. Except I expect my children to be writing 300 page fantasy stories about boybands late at night instead of reading all the time :) haha.

ali said...

i gave you an award on my blog :)

Lauren said...

I was OBSESSED with those books when I was younger.
Anything Roald Dahl!
they really are the best : )

*donna* said...

a bit late on this post i know but nevermind - i was so head over heels in love with danny the champion of the world when i was young!

you have a beautiful way with words. and how lovely to think your children will take this from you.

i fear my children will be obsessed with spreadsheets ;0)

Chloe said...

this post is beautiful, i love it!
my roald dahl books were the best presents my parents/grandparents ever gave me. he's the reason i read so much now.
+ your children will love you for letting them stay up and read. books are better read like that, it makes them more magical.

you're blog is amazing as well, i have so much fun reading your posts. :)