The Peace of Wild Things

This tree sits outside my front door.
I feel pretty lucky, because she is a lovely tree.
And I have a strange little feeling,
that maybe this tree is in love with me.
And she watches me leave for work
and come home tired and lonely.

But she thinks I am pretty,
Even when I never wash my hair
(And should be more tan than I am since I do live in Hawaii)

And when I sit outside beneath her,
She hugs me through the wind.
And her leaves sparkle,
sprinkling pixie dust.
To make me fly.

p.s. Ashley is my bosom friend too.
and she is even nicer than this tree.


Leon said...

I love this post, Mandy. Beautiful.

Michelle said...

I love trees. They are pretty amazing, and it sounds like you got a good one there with you.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Love this post.

I love trees, too. It reminds me of my childhood favourite book, "The Giving Tree." Oh, gosh. I'm feeling nostalgic.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
(P.S. I changed my blog name, please update your links!)

Carmella said...

oo, i love this...
i love trees...
i'm so grateful too, to have a tree outside my window, that blocks the sun, that housed the birds...
trees are good!

7upkels said...

you write so beautifully mandy!! oh how i wish i had your talent!!

Lizzy said...

Ooh I like that tree. Mands I think i'm rubbing off on you a little bit.