Lauren the Bride

Friends, you must meet Lauren.

She is an old friend of mine, who is getting married next Friday.
Isn't her dress beautiful? She designed it herself.
And even though I have never met her fiance Devin, I know he must be cool if he is marrying Lauren.
Because she is just kind of like that.
Really cool.
She tells their story here. 
I promise, such a delightful read.

And I am so happy that God invented love.


Michelle said...

Mandy I love you and your friends. For reals.

I was thinking about how much I loved her dress and then you said she designed it... I mean wow! The lace is so so pretty!

And she is so funny... I was cracking up at her post about being a dumb blonde!

Michelle said...

Oh, and I am also *quite* pleased that God invented love. It was really a fantastic idea.

Heather said...

Mands, Devin is awesome! He is so fun! I keep telling everyone how they are going to be the most fun couple, and make beautiful children!!

Lauren said...

Mands, you are the greatest! Your blog is so beautiful and I am so honored to have a small part in it. Seriously! Thank you! I can't wait for you to experience all of this...someday...soon? :)

Iva said...

so sweet!! her dress is beautiful! that is amazing she designed it herself is truly a talent!

Brittany said...

ohmygoodness. dress, probably the most wonderful dress i've ever seen. she looks stunning!

love is it, isn't it? i've really liked your posts about love recently, especially your last one. love isn't flowers and dates and some grand, loud thing that I think I thought it was. i've learned that love is so quiet. and small. but it makes the ordinary things seem so incredible and impossible and beautiful.

croquet and sweaty shirts are the best kind of love.
i'm so happy for you lady.

Lizzy said...

Ah I love her dress.... so so much. She's so pretty

Jenna said...

So pretty!

Kyle and Kaylee said...

Such a beautiful bride, and thank goodness God invented love because where would we all be without it?