First and Last

These are the first and last photos of Kevin's visit to Hawaii last week.
Can you guess which commemorates his arrival and farewell? :)
Even though I miss him, I am trying to enjoy my 9 short days left in Hawaii.
Trying being the operative word.

When I get to Utah we are going to:
Go to this little lady's wedding (can't wait!)
Eat here.
See these.
Hug this friend.
And then in less than 24 hours, fly to Connecticut,
Where I will see my family.
Including her.
I cannot wait.
Nine days people.

p.s. congratulations Jalene!
p.p.s. sorry if you are freezing. It was 80 degrees today in Oahu!

p.p.p.s my friend Suzy Lind has a cd release party this Saturday for those in the Boston area.
She has been studying at Berkeley for the past year.
She is so talented!


Jalene said...

you are sooooo sweet! haha. i'm jealous of your hawaii weather for sure. but so glad you get to come home to your kevin soon. yay! bring the sun home with you!

7upkels said...

ohhhh my goodness. 9 days left! enjoy enjoy enjoy!! i totally know how you feel. i was so excited to go home for christmas and see friends and family...but i promise a year from now you'll miss hawaii like crazy!

Michelle said...

Only 9 days?!

Even though I am sure you are excited to go home, I'm glad you are trying to soak up your time in hawaii too because I bet you'll always look back on it fondly!

I cant wait for school to be out! There are so many more fun things to do and people to see during break!

So happy you will be back with everyone you love!

Ela said...

You two always have the cutest photos!

Wait...is it 8 days now???


Sheryl said...

please just live up your time there. i know it's hard but i'd give anything to trade spots with you. so live it for me ok? p.s. is it just me or does kevin look way different in pictures than he does in real life. pictures don't do him justice. i want you to call me when you're in the airport if you have some down time. i want to know some details that i'm not getting from the blog. love ya girly!

Lizzy said...

YAY!! I can't can't wait to see you.. but i'm more excited for after the break than the one day i'll see you before because then you'll be in Provo and I can come see you whenever. I. want.

This is a luxury I never fully appreciated until this past year when I was deprived of it.

Laura Marie said...

Mands! I am so excited to see you! (and for you to come to my wedding) I will call you for sure either today or tomorrow. I have to think about time differences though. I want to hear about your plans! Miss you, but see you SOON! :)

Melissa said...

And after Utah, you get too go to CT and see ME! I can't wait.

ashley lauren said...

Will you hug me too? :)

ashley lauren said...
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Shokoofeh said...

Lovely picture! :) You're a pretty girl! xo