Birthday/Christmas List

Since it is my Birthday and Christmas this month, I feel I have a little more freedom in making a Christmas/Birthday list. My family and friends are all done with my shopping however, so these items are merely wishes.
(Just click on the picture for more information about the item)

I love this dress from Anthropologie. So feminine and yellow! I love yellow.

These are cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. I love the sushi facade. They are so cute.

This cameo ring is from one of my favorite etsy shops: Ben and Oliver. And it is so cheap!
I am a sucker for boots. These modcloth ones are perfect. Flat and tall.

This is the sequel to my favorite poem collection! I must have it.
This camera makes mini polaroids, the size of credit cards.
I really want to try it.

This skirt is also from modcloth. The ruffles are totally my style.
My current purse is filled with sand, having taken it all over Hawaii with me this semester. So this purse from JCrew is looking so good right now. But I may need to find a cheaper version...

I love Christmas! What is on your list?


Courtney said...

too funny, I'm just finishing creating my wish list post. We must be on the same wavelength!

Julie said...

Sweet tooth fairy rules! I just went there today..and on my Christmas list is a cute set of tiny refrigerator magnets that look like sushi. I lurve them. And that ruffled skirt!

emily said...

i want that camera.

Lizzy said...

I love love that skirt. And Allie has that camera, its real neat

sarah ann said...

that camera is on my list also.
thank you for the blog button website.
i will have to try it out!

ohhh! and yes i do make the head bands. :)

Michelle said...

I love that anthropologie dress! I would love, love working there so I could get the discount!

I want some more shoes! (that's got to be a first!) and more clothes( shabby apple dress and coat)

... since I still haven't made it through the massive amounts of books I got for my birthday!

What day is your b-day??

PS. They were dryer balls--I can't believe no one has seen them before!

Erin said...

I keep reading about the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Wish we had one here!
I want lots of lovely new clothes, esp. running gear as I've signed up for a running clinic this winter. I always get lots of books, which is perfect for me. I love to curl up on the sofa on cold winter nights with my latest novel on my knee...

Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas!

Leon said...

That camera, funny enough, is also on my list. And so is a piano, but that ain't happening!

Belen said...

I LOVE ANTHRO. i could practically live in one of the stores.

Inspiration in Italy said...

Love that dress and the ring! xx

Kris said...

Those cupcakes are so funny. Great for a theme party!

adri. said...

those boots. and that camera. looooove it.

*donna* said...

the anthroplogie dress is gorgeous. i've just discovered they have a store in london so i'm going to be heading down there for xmas sales!

as for pressies, i'm a little behind with my list! i think i need to get on it.

Brittany said...

SUCH a good list.
And now I need to visit STF again.

I'm asking for sweet, ivory t-straps and a ballet photography book. And a new camera to take wonderful photos.

Happy Christmas and bday month!

ashley lauren said...

I haven't forgotten you, or your birthday! So I'm glad to get some ideas :)

P.S. When do you come here? I love you! Good luck with finals!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

YYYYYYYESSSSSS. *High Five * for being born in December! When's your birthday? At times I complain about this birthday month, but then I'm like, NO. It's the happiest time of the year! And wish lists seem less greedy if your combining birthday and Christmas!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Ela said...

I love that ring and it is so you! I adore that skirt and want to call it mine :) Can we be skirt twins?
p.s. Thank you for your sweet comment on my post, Mandy.

Classic said...

How sad is it that I have no list? I should really get on that, but I like yours, that camera sounds really cool, and that dress, which I wont lie - I thought was a skirt and top, is very pretty. Esp since it's that mustardy color - my favorite kind of yellow. Anthropologie needs to make a "so you make minimum wage" line, that's my Christmas list.