Merry Christmas

Kevin is spending Christmas with my family in Connecticut.
So far we have eaten a lot of rocky road and curry.
Oh and we went to Boston yesterday.
My favorite as usual was Little Italy.
Today we are baking.
I hope you have the best Christmas friends.
Wherever you are.


emily said...

merry christmas. love this.

Lizzy said...

Sounds so neat :) Merry Christmas my bosom friend.

Bailey said...

Kevin is in Connecticut?! Awesome! I hope to see you soon! Have an awesome Christmas!

Ela said...

I had to smile at the rocky road and curry. Love them both but can't say I've ever had them in the same meal. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Mandy!

Love Cami. said...

merry christmas darlin! hope you have a lovely week together!

Michelle said...

yay! glad you guys are getting to spend the holidays together!

I'm jealous though... I've never been to Boston adn I'm sure it's super pretty during the holidays!

Hope you're having a very merry christmas!