Getting Married

I have so many friends getting married.
It makes me so happy, because I love them all so much,
And the husbands they are choosing are perfect for them.
And it all reminds me that soulmates really do exist,
They just sometimes take awhile to present themselves.
So congratulations to Laura.
Love is everywhere these days.


Sheryl said...

seriously everyone is getting married! i love it. what beautiful friends you have! it was great talking to you. i truly adore our friendship.

him & her said...

Even your simple posts are so beautiful. You have gift for making everything sound poetic and magical. And thanks for the shout out Mands!!

p.s. I am looking forward to hearing about your future plans regarding events to come(dot, dot, dot)

Kris said...

Happy Holidays. My cousins are starting to get hitched too...

Jalene said...

the question is...
when are you getting married?? ;)

Love Cami. said...

Im coming this summer! Im hoping you'll be there! :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Andy & Lauren said...

Thank you!!
We are both extremely excited.
looks like you might be joining the masses soon!
: )

*donna* said...

a whole bunch of my friends are getting engaged/married at the moment too.
its such a wonderful time - everyone is so happy!