Out with the Old

But I loved the old.
2009 may go down in history as one of the best years of my 21 years of existence.
Being 20 was magical.
I ran through the beaches of Rhode Island.
I went surfing on the North Shore.
I slow danced under the stars in New Hampshire with someone I've come to love.
I took a nap in Central Park.
Walked along the Freedom Trail in Boston.
Ate lobster and got stuck in a rainstorm in Maine.
I took a road trip across the country with my little sister, and felt selfish that I got her to myself for four months this summer.
I cried more than any other year. but I smiled and laughed even more.
Out with the Old, in with the new.
I loved the old,
But the new is waiting, sparkling, taunting, promising.
Bring in 2010.

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Sara said...

This post inspired me :) And I have you to thank :)

Erin said...

Happy New Year to you, Mandy! Hope 2010 is magical...

emily said...

2009 was intense! here's to 2010!

drewandlacey said...

It wasn't fair you got Jess to yourself. But I'll forgive you. :) here's to 2010.

ms.tandy said...

You are a darling.
And i know you+2010=♥
Love From,

Kristin said...

Oh what I wouldn't give to go back a decade. 20 WAS magical. Happy new year!

Kenna Christensen said...

awwww :) so cute. ya know you and my sister must be twins because you even blog the same things! crazy!