I loved Laura's wedding.
Maybe I'll even stop blogging about it after this :)
She added the perfect cold-weather touches to keep warm in the snow.
I loved her Ugg moccasins with her dress and vintage peacoat.
The red and gold accents made it appropriate with the season without going overboard.
It was classy and elegant and original,
The way every wedding should be.
Oh and her husband Blake, is darling too.
p.s. Kevin and I are having so much fun in CT.
Maybe I won't come back for school at all.
I could get used to sleeping in, cuddling by the fire, and playing scrabble all day.


Jessica said...

The ugg mocks are so cute! Laura looked beautiful, and I'll stay home from school with you:)

Carmella said...

oh wow!
i love winter weddings, they're always so pretty!
loove her coat and shoes!

ashley lauren said...

This is so cute! Wow, Laura looks so adorable. I am obsessed with that coat. I really hope you make it back from CT. I need you next semester!!

Ela said...

I love her peacoat too!
Wishing Laura and her husband an eternity of happiness!

Wishing you a fabulous New Year's!

*donna* said...

she looks absolutely gorgeous! winter weddings are always so romantic.

Kristin said...

That coat is absolutely stunning!