This Week

Has been really hard
For so many different reasons.
But thinking about Christmas cheers me up somehow.
Thinking about reading The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman by the fire,
With my sister's leg touching mine,
Eating my mom's homemade cinnamon rolls,
And helping my Dad shovel the snow,
Listening to Christmas music while wrapping presents,
and playing Sleigh Ride with Jessica.

Just thinking about these things makes me feel a little better.
I love you Christmas.
And I think you love me too.


madi. said...

love this. im so excited for christmas too :) its mostly just the time of year too thats so great!

Belen said...

aw, "my sister's leg touching mine." those moments are definitely special to me too. my sister and i have movie/tv nights and we cuddle or lean on each other. and it's just an amazing feeling. :)


drewandlacey said...

can't wait!

Michelle said...

I love cozy holidays where everyone is warm and stays in the same room playing games, watching movies and eating by a fire.

I wish one year we had a little bit of snow on Christmas.

Hold tight! You'll be home soon!

Anonymous said...

christmas has one of those special places in my heart...it's practically impossible to feel downhearted at christmas :-)

Jessica said...

...helping dad shovel snow...?

sarah ann said...

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sarh ann

emilyf said...

I so love that Kate Bjorkman book. It's like a weak spot or a secret love (or was...).