Niece #2!

Remember this little bundle of love I like to brag about?
She is my favorite niece.

But not for long.

Congratulations Lacey & Drew!

I can't even wait....

p.s. this giveaway is my dream come true.


Hilly said...

Mandy that is so exciting. Just remember they will both be your favorite. I have 9 favorite little munchkins. That's why i make it my goal to be the favorite aunt. ha ha

Michelle said...

Who wouldn't want to brag about that little beauty?? I'm sad that all of my cousins are more grown up now, and my sister won't be having kids anytime soon...

and that giveaway sounds so cool! So sad that I don't live in any of those states... but it gives you a better chance!

PS. I am super glad that we are blog friends because you are totally amazing! (Hopefully some of your amazingness will rub off on me : )

Heather said...

mands that is really exciting!!! when is she due?