Ode to Kevin

I like dating Kevin so much.
He gives me piggy-backs when there is ice or snow so I don't slip or ruin my shoes.
He goes with me to In n Out at 11 pm because I am craving it even though he is tired.
He asks me to repeat things I say in Italian so I can practice.
He snorts in my ear when he tells me he has a secret.
He is so busy but every spare second he has he spends with me, instead of doing homework or sleeping.
He calls me "Mandy Candy" and laughs every time he says it.
He lets me take his coat even when it is freezing outside.
He always lets me choose where we go out to eat.
When we share ice-cream, he saves the last spoonful for me.
He cries when I cry.
I don't want my blog to become a Kevin-shrine or anything.
But I just wanted to tell him,
I really like having you in my life.
That's all.


emily said...

i love that he snorts in your ear :) love this!

Michelle said...

I love the Kevin posts! Bring on the shrine! What you write about him is so cute and brings a smile to my face because I know that you guys are having an amazing time together

Cat said...

he seems really sweet (:

LiL Landy said...

aww that's adorable!!
I wish you all the best!!

manda said...

It's ok to post a lot about him. It's so nice to find a wonderful guy and want to share everything about him. Great post :)

Hilly said...

sounds like somebody is smitten =-)

Sheryl said...

i'd love to hear his ode to you. you're an amazing girl. i'd date you if i were a boy. p.s. i like kev in the glasses. good look for him.

Heather said...

I'll be the brave one and say that it is turning into a Kevin Shrine! come on mands...just kidding! Love your guts

7upkels said...

for sure we need to do lunch, i'd love to hear even MORE about you and kevin :)

Brittany said...

cute cute cute.

let it be a shrine :)

Melissa said...

I like Kevin too. Maybe not quite as much as you do :) But he's pretty great.

ms.tandy said...

You two sound simply adorable darling.

Lizzy said...

I'm really glad you have him in your life :) I like Kev. I'm glad he went to In n Out with you so I don't have to go again. ba ha .

Jalene said...

aww! i love love.
you guys are super cute together. and i don't mind if you blog about you and him being in love.