Past, Future, Now

Lately I have wanted to go back in time.
I would listen to Debussy perform The First Arabesque.
And I would tell Jane Austen I would like to be her friend.
I think we could be great friends.
I would hug Anne Frank.
And probably Charlotte Bronte too.
I would not wish to do anything drastic and change history.
Just meet the people who have influenced me, and
Touched me in ways they may not even know.
Lately I have wanted to go into the future.
I would tell my future children that I was just like them once.
I would hold them tight, and tell them I cannot wait to meet them.
I would like to see my sisters and their families, who make me so happy already.
I would like to see Kevin graduate from medical school.
It might give us more hope that he can do it, and that he will finish.
I would like to see myself with my p.h.d in English, teaching poetry to struggling souls.
I would like to know that all that I want is possible.

Since I cannot have all of this, I suppose I will live for today.
Go to lunch with my best friend Lizzie.
Cuddle up on my couch and memorize Italian verbs.
Maybe sneak in some time to read my new favorite poet: Gerald Locklin.
And later fall asleep while Kevin watches the Basketball game after we eat at our favorite place.
And maybe this is all I really need to make me happy.


ms.tandy said...

I adore this little post with all my heart.
It is simply adorable.
Thank you.
Love From,

Reginasaurus said...

This made me so happy. You're very poetic :)

Michelle said...

I looooove this. I would want to meet all those past people too, and meet my future family and sister's future family. But the present is wonderful as well!

Thanks for putting it so poetically... I'm sure one day I will see a book of poetry or something like it by you in a bookstore one day!

Kristin said...

Living in the moment is the way to go! You can never get right now back!

7upkels said...

anne frank is number one on my list.

and i always wish i could see the future without interfering with the present... clearly, that wouldn't make any sense, but i still wish it as it is.

i remember hearing this quote that said, "you have to live your happily ever after on a day-to-day basis." if we want to be happy, it starts today. thanks for reminding me of this.

ps. is it way too obvious that i miss max more than anything in the entire world? oh well. i really do.

7upkels said...

ps. it's time we meet on campus one of these days!

Ela said...

Look to tomorrow but embrace today. I know you're future will be bright, Mandy!

Carmella said...

this was so sweet and perfect!