Do not tell anyone what I am about to tell you.
I am more afraid of birds than spiders.
When I talk to myself it is always in a British accent.
I don't think I'll ever get old.
My biggest fear is not being able to write the multitude of books in my head.
My favorite color is green, like on a well watered soccer field.
No I do not play soccer.
I despise poor grammar, but sometimes forget the rules myself.
I am sick of text messaging.
I think my hands are my most beautiful feature.
Someday I want to spend a day from dawn to dusk re-reading Cold Mountain,
Blowing my nose on my sleeve at the ending.
I want to change the world but mostly,
I want to be different from it.
I think it would be a shame to die if it was not for love.
In my head I am still eleven years old.
I still feel the urge to build forts on Saturdays.
I sing the Star Spangled Banner in the shower.
Go fish.


ashley lauren said...

I LOVE your secrets! Seriously. They are the best. I might have to write my own list, because I am so inspired by yours! I think you have beautiful hands. I really have noticed before.

And Mands. I'm so lucky to have you for a friend! :)

Anna said...

This is such a wonderful list!
It's details like these that really make us human.
Thanks for sharing.

Sheryl said...

go fish means my turn. my turn it shall be.

you are uber interesting to me. by the way...i love your teeth, but next time i will look at your hands. :)

Shokoofeh said...

Hey it's cute! :-)

Heather said...

I love it Mands! Eleven years old...Alpine Elementary :) And I like your hands too, but mostly just you.

Lyndsey said...

so... I love you and I love your blog and I always stalk you on it.

Jalene said...

so cute. i'm so glad we are freinds in the web world. you're great. so happy for you.

Lizzy said...

have you posted this before? because it seems very familiar to me... maybe thats just because I know you too well. haha