Suppose I say summer,
Write the word "hammock"*
put it in an envelope,
take it down the hill
to the box. When you open 
my letter you will recall 
those days and how much,
just how much, I love you.

-Raymond Carver

*originally Carver used hummingbird, but I replaced it with hammock. 
(Because in case you didn't know, hammocks are pretty important to us)

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Jayne said...

I LOVE RAYMOND CARVER! And, my, what a lovely photo! :)

Lizzy said...

well I love you dear Mandy. And I love you and Kev.. and your obsession with hammocks. Someday maybe I'll have a hammock friend too :)

Call me lady! I miss you. When are you coming to visit?!

Melissa said...

cute post mandy! I loved this.

emily said...

i love this. hammocks are fantastic.

Michelle said...

I like the word hammock in there better than hummingbird! Paints a prettier picture, I think!

PS. It's totally not even that cold in CA, mid 50s most days, but sometimes I just get really cold for no reason. And other times, like this morning I drive home with the window down and my hand hanging out the window (the car heater on of course!).

Hope you are having the loveliest of days!

Love Cami. said...

precious! :)

and dont worry.. when im in utah this summer we'll have a 4 fun photo shoot. :D

xoxoKrysten said...

Pretty. Love that photo.

Ela said...

I love that one word can mean so much and be something special to two people who have made it so :)

Mandy, I forgot to ask...does the 10% discount have the same restrictions as the giveaway; US only?


Dev and Laur said...

you are beautiful, mandy!

Brittany said...

i love love love this.

ms.tandy said...

Darling Mandy♥
That was a snazzy little post.
Loved the words loved the picture.
Hope you have one darling weekend.
Miss Tandy