Day 3

Loving things that are alive is always harder than loving things that are not,
Because when you love something alive,
There is a chance that it might not love you back.
And maybe, will even reject your love.

Some people fall in love many times,
But some of us only manage to do it once.

I fell in love with the idea of love before I ever really fell in love.
And it seemed right at the time,
But the right kind of love,
Will make you feel whole.

So I suppose those nights sitting by my desk,
listening to music,
Studying physiology together,
Crying tears too often,
Was not really love.
But just my first recognition that love is what I wanted in my future.
And that recognition didn't count then,
But it does now.

Does that make sense?
I fell in love with love,
Without falling in love.


Carmella said...

oh, it makes complete sense!!
i feel like this now.
i'm not sure if it makes things easier or harder.
i know exactly what i'm not looking for, so it's easier to weed out what i know isn't love - but i think, sometimes i weed things out too quickly, thinking that it isn't love, and not giving it time to maybe grow into love... ? so, it's harder.
does that make sense? :)

drewandlacey said...

makes a lot of sense.....

Melissa said...

I hope you know how much I'm looking forward to these posts. They've been amazing so far. This one was my favorite!

Love Cami. said...

i had to catch up and read all the valentines posts. and i love every second of these. and you were dead on with my post. and i cant wait for your next post.

Jessica said...

I like this lots Mands.
It's cool when you think you love something..but then you love something even more and realize the first thing wasn't what you thought it was at all :)

Katrina said...

Mandy love-this post is wonderful. It's exactly how I fell in love. First with the idea of love, and the idea of getting married. I needed to learn it that way too! And what a difference real love is! It's like you said, it makes you feel whole and like yourself. Thanks for the insight. :) love you.

Lizzy said...

It makes sense to me! And I'm with Melissa.. these are great. You're great .

Kristin said...

My first "love" was my high school/college boyfriend. We were together nearly a decade and what we had pales in comparison to what I have with the hubs! I SO fell in love with the idea of love and didn't fully realize what it was until I truly experienced it. Fabulous post!