Day 2

I think I fell in love with secrets.
This may seem strange, but I think secrets,
The right kind,
Are tantalizing.

I am not talking about the bad kind of secrets.
I am talking about the secrets that you only share with yourself.

Like talking to yourself in a British accent when you are alone,
Or pretending you have 20 seconds to choose the boy you will marry in your 3rd grade class.
(Am I the only one who did that?)
Or saving $10 a month to buy that anthropologie skirt you've been craving.

I think having secrets with yourself helps you love yourself.
And loving yourself, is the most important step to loving someone else.

To read more of my secrets, go here. and here.


Sara said...

I thought I was the only one who spoke to myself in a British accent while I am alone!!

emily said...

i totally save a little money here and there for things like that. i'll say to myself, well if i resist going to starbucks for tea or getting a small snack, i'll save that money for something better that lasts longer :)

7upkels said...

i totally, TOTALLY get this. and surprise, surprise: i love it.

and the boy who would sit on the swings next to me would be the boy i was determined to marry. third grade crush? his name was max. and he had glasses.

is this fate? i think so. (except minus the glasses) haha.

ps. if you ever need a shopping buddy to anthropologie... i'm all in. i just got their spring catalog and i've fallen in love.

1Aeon said...

super pretty picture..secrets...

Lizzy said...

Mands you won't have any secrets left if you keep telling them! haha. I like this though :)

Michelle said...

i loove your secrets! They are so sweet and random!

Can't wait for the day 3 post of love!

Anonymous said...

My change always ends up in my ashtray. I can't have secrets about myself because I eventually break down if I drink too much and tell myself.

Brittany said...

i always love your secrets. and it is nice to have some things be only yours. you know?

also, that's a beautiful skirt. good choice :)

Kay said...

oh, i like this idea...too bad i'm a blabber mouth! :) share, share, share...all the silly things, perhaps thats the intimate part about it? by writing them here, do you tell too? or are those just examples?

ashley lauren said...

Gosh, how do you always know the perfect way to describe these things? It is really a talent Mands.

Loving yourself IS the first step to loving someone else.