Day 8

I love people.
I love my old Italian professor and his Southern accent.
I love the twins I used to baby-sit and their tiny beds.
I love the friends I have made through blogging.
I love the people who were nice to me in Hawaii.
I love my third grade teacher who cried reading Where the Red Fern Grows.
I love my sisters because they know why.
I love my rockstar Senior Seminar professor because she inspires me.
I love my little sister who just had a birthday.
I love the friends I've told secrets with since we were 10.
I love the friends I have met at college.
I love the boys I've dated in the past who broke my heart because
I love Kev-friend the best and never would have found him otherwise.
I love my soul sisters.
I love my Mom and Dad because they loved me first.

I love a lot of people.
Who do you love?


Brittany said...

i love so many people. i've been thinking about this recently. and i made my own little list, like yours. but then i made a list of the people who love me. and i just feel so blessed.

i'm starting to love valentine's day. i've never hated it, but now i love it.

also, who is your senior seminar professor? if it's Dr. Matthews (she's SUCH a rockstar), i love her too!

ashley lauren said...

On man, I love our Italian professor too. And all his adorable ideas! I took him a little bit for granted I think.

I hope I fall under the category of soul sister. Because that's how I would describe us, also. :)

Whitney said...

My goodness. You have a beautiful blog!

Heather said...

I love YOU Mands! ;)

Laura Marie said...

I love you...and a lot of other people too :)

Ela said...

I love visiting your blog because I always leave smiling :)
Happy weekend, Mandy.

emily said...

i love a lot of people. and sometimes i love people too much.
i love italian and southern accents. i love hawaii :)

Sheryl said...

i love that you love your third grade teacher.

i love my mom.

p.s. i really want to be proposed to in a park at a playground, but if it were to be a public one that's what it would be like. i'm actually more shy than i appear to be. ok, maybe shy is not the right word. (wink).

Paula M. Nielson said...

I love you! Thanks for mentioning the twins. Can you believe they are going to be 4?????? CRAZY. They are so big! Thanks for your beautiful blog.