running away from home.

If I knew where home was, I would run away from it.
But my home is misplaced.

But if I knew, I would leave.
I would pack a sandwich,
Bring my favorite book,
Say goodbye to Italian forever,
And throw my cell phone away.

Then I would find a meadow,
In a place far far away,
Where the sun makes ribbons through the leaves,
And my skin becomes as warm as my soul.

There I would lay very still,
So still in that summer grass
Until my heart beats melt into the sun
And I am born again.


Leon said...

You have quite a way with words, I must say, Mandy.

Michelle said...

This is beautiful! Can you create a book one day of poems and little entries like these one day?? Your way with words and your awesome style would make it a must-buy! I know it'd be so cute and lovely to read!

emily said...

I love this. I feel the same way sometimes. Where do I call home or where do I belong?

Brittany said...

I love Good Poems. It would keep me happy too.

Madi Rose said...

this is amazing. it made me want to go to that place. no joke.
love this!

siovhan said...

I feel this same way right now.
Seriously, the same way.

Heather said...

Beautiful Mands! Once I got married I found its not necessarily a place that is home, but a special person that is home! love you!

Kay said...

couldn't help but think in this new runaway hideaway, would not be your new home of which restless once again finds you??? beautiful put together piece.

7upkels said...

Okay. I really, really love this. Like I really, really love everything else you write, so no surprise.

As for the nerd who broke up with me. Haha, funny story, but so lame. I'll have to tell you all about it. Let me know when you're not busy with life and work and love and you can runaway and get lunch with me or perhaps a cupcake? Let me know!

ashley lauren said...

Thank you. You picked the BEST day to write something beautiful and make me smile. Dear, you are a word genius. :)

ashley lauren said...

Oh and my favorite part was: "Where the sun makes ribbons through the leaves."

Bellissima! :)

sheena said...


Ann Marie said...

i think i'm going to run away tomorrow. love this post.

Carolina said...

all I can really say is...WOW!!
your words...so beautifully weaved together to paint the perfect, tranquil picture!!

thank you! I'm sooo glad I ended up here, today, when I really needed something to stir my soul!

I'm carolina...it's nice to meet ya!