this week

p.s. busy bee lauren is doing a shabby apple giveaway!
go here to enter.


Kitty said...

:( thats no fun about the towing! I always seem to find myself in situations with mean towmen. daydreaming IS better.

much better.

Laura Marie said...

mands i'm so sorry! i still love you. good luck with everything!

ms.tandy said...

Make it a good week.
I know you can♥
Yours, Miss Tandy

ashley lauren said...

Oh my word. I am so sorry.

Hopefully pratica will make this week a little better?

Love you!

adri. said...

sounds like my week. besides the towed car haha. hopefully this week is better :)

Connie said...

good luck with the giveaway! I shant enter since I know her via real life.. people might talk. ha!

andrea said...

100% agree.

(p.s. i love your blog and hope you don't mind i keep commenting on all these posts..)