this book changed my life

"The problem is always being the children's mommy or the minister's wife and never being myself."

"It is an awakening to know that I'm not an oddity and can stop being ashamed of wanting something more."

"And finally there is the problem that has no name, a vague, undefined 'wish for something more' than washing dishes, ironing, punishing and praising the children."

"We don't like to be asked what we want to do. None of us know. None of us even like to think about it. The ones who are going to be married right away are the lucky ones. They don't have to think about it."

"I think women had to suffer this crisis of identity, which began a hundred years ago, and have to suffer it still today, simply to become fully human."

This book made me realize that,
Things happen differently for everyone,
And it is okay to have dreams for a family and a career,
And education can save you.

Any person, male or female would benefit from reading this.


Reginasaurus said...

I love reading book reviews! I definitely need to pick this one up. xo

Brittany said...

MANDY. I kid you not, I said these exact words last semester. I even bugged my roommate and read excerpts aloud. Just three months ago, this book changed my life. This book meant so much to me because it was a big part of me being ok with being a woman. A grown-up, determined, ambitious, loving woman. Can we please talk more about this book??

emily said...

i love it. i read this for my fundamentals of fem theory last semester. it's really great, because women are all different and need to feel like they can CHOOSE what they do with their lives. we aren't born to be mothers, mothers are born. i think she says that, err someone like her :) glad you are a kindred spirit.

communikate. said...

Ooh, I needed a good book to read. Thanks for recommending one!

Lizzy said...

interesting.. i'll add it to my list of 500 books you've recommended to me :) And your mustache post is great.. We had our lumberjack party with fake beards and mustaches but I didn't know it was such a trend! Ours at least had a reason.. haha