His Birthday

In the midst of all of the engagement excitement,
I neglected to post about Kevin's birthday.
We went to Chili's for dinner (his request ?)
Then Comedy Sportz.
In between that and the proposal,
I built a fort in my living room and filled it with:
His presents,
My laptop with ESPN pulled up,
and I turned on March Madness.

I have never seen him so happy.
(Just a suggestion to you fellow girls who need birthday suggestions)
He loved it.

p.s. you guys are the nicest. thanks for the congratulations!


tiffany said...

you guys are so cute!! i love making forts ^_^

xo tiffany

drewandlacey said...

the fort idea is adorable. happy birthday kev!

Melissa said...

Christopher and I just read this together. He started nodding his head when he got to the fort part, and then said, "Wow. Good job Mandy." What a great idea!

Brittany said...

so cute. what a lucky guy.

it was so fun to run into you today! i'm so excited for you and all of the great things coming your way.

ashley lauren said...

Yay! How cute :) I love you guys. I love the ring, also. When can I see it in real life?

emily said...

ha. march madness sounds about right. that's all ben needs to be happy these days. you two are so cute! glad he had a happy birthday.

7upkels said...

happy birthday to kevin! aka mr. reigning scattergories champion. what a neat day to propose! he probably even said something cute like, "the best birthday present would be for you to be my wife..." haha, or am i already being way too cheesy?

ps. i swear i saw you this morning on my drive to work!