i would like to live in a world of beauty.
no tests, no comparisons.
just a place where we are able to express how we feel,
a place where everyone we have ever loved,
we always love.

where friendships live for years,
and people matter more than things.
a place where happiness is not a feeling,
but rather a state of being.
an eternal identity.

i would like to live in a place that nurtures creativity.
where science and structure are second to seasons,
words, light, color, air, clean and smooth.
where i can be me,
and you can be you,

and there will be no end
to us.


Michelle said...

This is beautiful. My friend, you truly have a way with words.

Mind if I write this down and have it in my room? It's so wonderful and I never want to forget it.

Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful things with us!

Heather said...

you certainly are blessed with words Mands, I love it!

7upkels said...

I think you just described the Celestial Kingdom - Luckily, I bet we do exist in a place just like that one day!!

K. I swear I saw you TWICE that day too. Once that morning on my way to work, and later when I was leaving work and I saw you and Kevin. And you had a big smile on your face and I honestly thought: "Those two are in love."

Kkkkk - let's talk soon. This huge crush of mine is failing with a capital F and makes me want to cry. I have class with him tonight, so lets keep our fingers crossed and hopefully I have a happy story to share!

Brittany said...

i want this too, so much. sometimes i feel like i do live in that place, but only in my mind. i love how you write. thanks, mandy.

Just Josephine said...

Love this!
Exactly how I have been feeling lately.
Thank you

Danika said...

Dear mandy...you are fabulous. Simply fabulous. I was just looking over your blog and sharing info with my friends...and you are just fabulous. That's all! love you! :)

ashley lauren said...

(I'm gonna keep commenting on every post, p.s.)

You are a romantic genius. And eternity will be romantically perfect.