how i feel today

At lunchtime I bought a huge orange
The size of it made us all laugh.
I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave—
They got quarters and I had a half.

And that orange it made me so happy,
As ordinary things often do
Just lately. The shopping. A walk in the park
This is peace and contentment. It’s new.

The rest of the day was quite easy.
I did all my jobs on my list
And enjoyed them and had some time over.
I love you. I’m glad I exist.

(by wendy cope)
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emily said...

i love it. and i love the photo you chose to pair with it. how simple but charming :)

Julie said...

I love that photo. Love orange. Wearing an orange dress today. Feeling the power of orange.

Camelgirl said...

Aw, It's so simple, but so cute and clever.
I love the picture as well.

7upkels said...

I LOVE that. And the picture, too. And when I read it again while looking out my window at the beautiful weather, I loved it even more.

Brittany said...

i love simple poetry like this. and i do really love the photo you chose.

also, to answer your question, i'm about a year away from graduation. i chose the major i love, and i want to turn it into a career/life i love. to be honest, i don't know what i'm going to do. can i ask the same of you? what are your plans, lady?

Belen said...

this was a lovely post and i'm in love with that orange dress (even if it's not the entire thing, lol). i wish i could work a bright orange dress like that, but with my skin color, it's not right, lol.

glad you had a lovely day! :)

siovhan said...

that made my whole day so so so much better.
i love it. such a gorgeous dress.
and i had a couple chocolate covered orange slices today and it was so delicious.

Sheryl said...

you have so much self-worth. what an example. that last line is still my favorite. it was when i read this a couple of days ago and it is today.

you made some good points about "e" but when it comes down to it mandy, i would be forcing myself to like him. too many differences.

by the way i'm coming to utah in may for my friend's wedding. please tell me you'll be there!