I am dangerously obsessed with this tea-set lamp I found in Anthropologie.
Did you know they have the best Anthropologie in Caesar's Palace in the Forum Shops?
Ever since I have been thinking about re-creating this lamp for a nursery.
Vintage china and a new lamp-shade.
But the issue is,
In order to have a nursery,
I would need a child.
In order to have a child,
I would need to be pregnant.
In order to be pregnant I would need to be married.

I guess I will just stare at this lamp for a few more years.


siovhan said...

or make one, give it to momma and have her keep it for said nursery. :) that's what my plan always is.

Michelle said...

that lamp is soo cute! You're right, it'd totally be perfect for a nursery! I saw this candle holder thing online at Anthropologie that was made up of a tea set!

must be something about those kettles and dainty cups....

Belen said...

haha, i looove anthro as well. i can't afford any of the stuff though, but when they have gigantic sales, my best friend and i go to town and buy all that we can afford and then stuff our purchases into boxes in our closets labeled, "for our future homes," hahah.

7upkels said...

a few more years? that means i have a few more decades...

not happening. i can't wait THAT long.

that is a beautiful lamp though, and you can smile for me when you receive a future mrs. efron wedding invite :) (just kidding!)

it was good to see you too! let me know how wedding plans keep magically working out for you. i'm still obsessed with conrad ranch, too ps.

Brittany said...

i saw this at anthro too. it would be so darling in a nursery. what a wonderful idea.

Heather said...

haha. love it mands! And I'm sorry to say, that even once you get married, if you are like me, babies will still seem a little ways away....but I love it! And you don't HAVE to have a nursery to have the lamp right? But if you do, I would love for you to have a baby soon so that I can play with him/her!! :)

Sheryl said...

don't get me excited like that! i thought you were going to say you were getting married!

Kelly Hannah said...

I agree! I have been in love with this lamp for months now!!! I never even thought of making it myself though... you are very clever! My dream is to one day work for Anthropologie as one of it's store designers.