I generally do not like this city,
but with him,
it has been much more enjoyable.

anthropologie finds,

cheering for the cougs,
coming home after we lost,
eating chips and salsa.

playing ghost in the car,
holding hands around the strip,
taking turns carrying my purchases,

almost makes this city beautiful.


kittycat said...

such a cute picture :)


Reginasaurus said...

That's a really cute picture. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites - you are so adorable and all of your posts are so poetic. Love you! xo

Heather said...

Sounds Fun Mands!!! I love chipotle! and I'm glad you got to have fun even though we lost!

Michelle said...

sounds wonderful! You and kevin are ridiculously cute, I love it!

Erin said...

It must be love if being with him makes Vegas beautiful! Glad you had fun...

ashley lauren said...

Soooo cute. And I totally agree about the Vegas thing. It's gross, except for if you're in the right company.

Love the picture, and the words. Beautiful Mands!

Jessica said...

You guys are cuties.
Poor coogs--luckily you weren't that attached:)

Brittany said...

you two are cuh-ute.

siovhan said...

you're adorable together.

ms.tandy said...

love your darling picture(o:

communikate. said...

i have a weird love for vegas.. not in the gambling. strip. bright lights sort of way though.

vegas was my friend's and i's play ground in highschool/college. growing up in st.george, it was a quick 1.5 hour drive to get to great shopping. concerts. and rollercoasters.

love that h&m finally made it there!!

glad you had a fun weekend!