birthday party

Kevin & I threw
my lovely soon-to-be sister-in-law Julie
a birthday party last month.

We put carnations in mason jars,
made a heart shaped carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting
and chocolate-covered strawberries on top.

We also made chocolate and regular waffles,

with strawberries, raspberries and peaches on top,
whipped cream, and buttermilk syrup.

Happy belated birthday Julie,
We love you.


Heather said...

cute mands! sounds delicious too! we should do that soon

Caroline said...

Sweet post and those waffles sound YUMMY!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

You did a great job. I would have been VERY happy if this was for myself. Happy -late- birthday to your soon to be sister in Law, AND have a fabulous weekend :)

MaryBeth Hughes said...

love those flowers--how simple.