happy weekend

write it on your heart
that everyday
is the best day
of the year.

- emerson


emily said...

what a great quote. so true.
thanks for your nice comments on my photos. i really hope wedding plans are coming along well. i totally feel ya. ben and i got married just as we were graduating from BYU = insane.

siovhan said...

i love emerson.
and i am in love with your sweater.

Erin said...

I have never heard that quote. I love it.

And don't you worry about being a "bad blog friend"... you're a busy girl! I'm always happy to have a visit from you, whenever it might be.

Michelle said...

If everyone lived that way, the world would be a much better place ;)

PS. We couldn't get our deposit back from BYu so I just decided to live on campus anyways :/

Right now I have a single room in Wyview, but I keep checking to see if Heritage Halls gets an opening. Think that would be better than wyview?