hear black

Fascinated by these two.
And their lovely blog.
favorite posts:

they definitely set the bar for the cute scale.


Michelle said...

they are adorable! I love how simple their posts are... they leave you wanting more!

did you meet them in hawaii?

Julie said...

Oh my! These people cannot be real. What a beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing.

7upkels said...

they have a blog?!? this just made my day! i lived nextdoor to katie freshman year out in hawaii and its been years since i've talked to her! i saw their amazing wedding pictures a few months ago, but now their blog? wow, beautiful. i'll probably spend at least an hours worth reading theirs now.

ps. summer = work and play. are you still living in provo? what are your plans? we reaaaalllyyy should go do something this week!

ashley lauren said...

Seriously they are so cute. Thanks for sharing Mands!