bridal shower

I wish I could say this was my bridal shower, but unfortunately it is one I recently found here.
Everything about it inspires me.
I have some friends getting married soon.
Any tips on throwing a great shower?


kara lynn said...

wow. i was thinking this was yours. but this IS probably the most beautiful bridal shower i have ever seen. but my favorite part is how fancy it is.

Michelle said...

I totally thought this was yours at first too!

And I could totally see you having one just as beautiful, or more so than this one.

I love all the pinks and creams! And all the cute fun little details like the perfume bar and L if for _____ theme! It's all those little things that really make people remember these sorts of things.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Aahhh! This would be the perfect show! The colors are fantastic

Half Dressed said...

Wow this is all so pretty! I hope you get to have the perfect Bridal shower :)

L x
Half Dressed

Laura said...

Hey I am totally lovin your blog!!! I found your blog from Cody Buell Photography's blog.
I love your poems I am getting married in November and your poems totally express the way I fill about my soon to be husband so thank you :)

Mandy said...

Thank you Laura! I wanted to return your sweet comment but your profile is not available. I love Cody Buell! Is he your photographer?

Laura said...

I am not sure who my photographer is yet we are still looking :) Ya sorry it is private but send me your email and I would love to let you see :)

Laura said...

O sorry I should give you my email address so you can send it to me :) weea_6387@yahoo.com

Belle de Couture said...

How stunning are these photos? I love all of this :D

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