peonies are out of season.
the flower of my wedding day,
dead until next spring
decides to make them grow again.
little things seem like big things these days.

but when i cried because they were gone,
and he took me to a movie and a yogurt place
so i would forget the peonies,

that little thing seemed little like it was.
and the big thing mattered like a big thing.
and he is the big thing.


kara lynn said...

peonies are my favorite flower. i can't believe they aren't available even after there season. so sad. because someday when i get married. i want these everywhere! hum..

griffin&gretchen said...

o man I had to deal with that last year when I got married in August :/ good thing you have a good guy who is so understanding

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

i wanted peonies as well,
BUT out of season.
all white fluffy peoonies.
instead the florist made my bouquet with a similar look.
no worries!
it'll all work out.
and honestly, the day of you wont care!!!

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

i want to say she put lisianthus + ranunculus + plus a few others.
i ended up loving it!

BethanySusan said...

awww, you're right about the little things vs. the big things. :)

emily said...

so sorry lady. i feel ya. what about ranunculus?

MyLittlePhotographs said...

awwwwww so sad:(

kate lines said...

this is pretty. (but, i'm sorry about the flowers.)

your wedding dress is unreal.

swell.life said...

oh my. i hear you. i remember crying A lot after our wedding. i don't know if it was the adjustment to being married (i love him dearly) or just that i longed for my wedding planning days...being surrounded with beautiful inspiration and anticipation. i hope today is better!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I was very upset when I found out they were out of season when I got married too (last August). Somehow my florist was able to get a couple in there... but still.
A girl doesn't think about what flowers are in season when she is getting married she just thinks about the FLOWERS SHE WANTS :) haha

christi @ grey umbrella said...

peonies are my absolute favorite!

Julie said...

funny that we're that way, huh. it's amazing when we come to that realization and recognize all the good things we do have.

Brittany said...

a. i'm sorry. i cry about things like this too.
b. i'm positive your wedding will still win.
c. congratulations on your big thing.
d. can i tell you again how much i love your bridals?
e. i'm emailing you because i'd love an announcement.

kels said...

don't know you, love your blog. and when i got married i wanted blue hydrangea, and the expensive florist place promised they'd be now problem, that they would be the beautiful blue color I dreamed of. But the night before the wedding i dropped in to check on them and they were GREEN and barely blue a little on a couple bits, and I totally broke down bawling. Bless my mom's heart she called and told them she had a bawling bride on her hands and they better fix it (I thought that was fair since they were so dang expensive and they did promise blue hydrangea, even though apparently they were out of season although they didn't tell me). So they spray painted the hydrangea blue.... and ya know, it wasn't perfect but really it didn't matter in the end :). We were actually Sheena's first wedding shoot and of course everything looks perfect in the pictures, and we still got married so.... we win.