Kevin and I are looking for a camera, so we can document our lives together.
A few friends have referred us to the Canon Rebel xti, because we are beginners. Do you know anything about it, or would you recommend it too?

I know I have a lot of friends who take amazing photographers.
What would you recommend?
What do you use?


kara lynn said...

this is the camera i use. it is good for beginners like me but it can still do a lot. so much i still don't even know what to do. and you can always buy fun lenses for this. i have 5.

lehi + sasha said...

the Ti1 or the Ti2 are great for rookies. these two babies have video option as well. wish i had that on my 50d.

Nathan Brough said...
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Nathan Brough said...

how timely of me to happen to be checking your blog on this day!

You're documenting your lives together, right? You'll probably want to get something that isn't a pain to bring on a bike ride or a walk in the park. I hope I can convince you that just because an SLR does more things doesn't mean it can fit in your pocket.

My brother (married w/ 2 children) got this camera a few months ago, and when I when I saw the memories he's captured with it, I was, to say the least, floored. If I had the cash to spare, that would be my next camera, really. I hope that helps! (Plus it takes AWESOME video! I mean AWESOME.)

andrea said...

I love my nikon d60 -- I carry a little point and shoot in my purse at all times. You seriously never know when you'll need it. And you always do when with friends or family functions. SLRs are fin but make sure to get a good point and shoot too!!

ash said...

i know nothing about camera but this seems like a good one :)

Bridget said...

i use the rebel xs and looooove it. i hope to one day upgrade lenses but for now i love the one that came with it.

andrea said...

you are most welcome. :) definitely keep us updated on what you choose! (oh and I meant to spell "fun"...not "fin"...sorry about that haha)

lehi + sasha said...

mandy, you are so darling! you just made my day.

thank you.

but really, no offense to nikon lovers, but go with canon. i'm a 100% canon girl. hear me rawr.

and p.s i love your style as well. you know... brilliant minds think alike.

Michelle said...

hmm I wish I knew about cameras! I've been thinking about trying to get into photography, everyone's pictures on their blogs are so inspiring! buuut I have no money. I'm sure whatever you get will work wonderfully!

No worries! I just hope we get to meet! Totallyyyy understandable, you have so much going on! I'm taking eng 251- so just criticism, and we went to the Shakespeare festival because we are reading Macbeth. IT was only one day, so I am back!

Hope we get to meet up soooon!

hearblack. said...

i use a cannon 20 D, with a basic 18-55 lens (comes with it)

that an older model for cannon, but I love it

Most Adoringly said...

i have this camera and i like it a lot. but nathan had a good point about getting a camera that is easy to take along with you anywhere because this wouldn't be the easiest transport "shove it is a back and lets go quick" camera.... just a though