first picture

This is the first picture ever taken of Kevin and I, almost a year ago.
He had just rescued me from the pouring rain,
and I loved the way his curly hair hung heavy.

I think I loved him from day one.
Or at least I knew somehow, that he would play a very large role in my life.
And now he is going to be my husband.

"Suddenly I feel that if I were to step out of my body,
I would break into blossom."
- James Wright

(photo taken paparazzi style by a camper who admired Kev-friend)


Laura said...


Blake and I were the same way. We just knew. And it was fast. But it was right. The best decision I've ever made in my life.

So excited to see you!!

Caroline said...

I felt the same way about my hubby ... Marc!! I love looking at couples first pictures ... they seem to always tell so much. So so excited for you! xo

Erin said...

Great quote! And cute photo... Congratulations, again and again!

Emmy said...

This is wonderful =)

Brittany said...

gosh, i'm so excited for you. i have a feeling your love story is beautiful.

AmyK said...

So. stinking. sweet.
We were the same way as you, and the other commenters. We just.. knew.

Julie said...

he didn't want to, but i encouraged kevin to do efy last summer should he meet a nice girl there. well, i'll be. :)

sheena said...

you two are the cutest:)

Amanda said...

I love how you said this. It's perfectly evident that you love your guy.