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cute mandy here asked me if i would guest blog for her while she was on her honeymoon.

gosh. getting married fun. in fact, i got married about 2 and a half months ago. and it was way fun. i hope mandy and kevin have as much fun as lincoln and i did.

do you want to see a picture of the fun?

being the friends guru that i am, i conceived this idea months before the wedding to perform "the routine" with lincoln as a surprise dance for our guests. it was hit. you'll have to check out the video when we get it.

anyway, back to this guest posting business. i've been thinking a lot, "what should i guest blog about? what possibly do i have to offer to mandy and kevin?"

then i decided. being a veteran at this marriage thing (remember 2.5 months?), i should blog about marriage advice. advice? maybe just some things we have learned in our 60 and some odd days of doing this thing.

ready? ok, go.

1. save your best chicken for your spouse.
you're thinking, "what is this crazy person talking about?" i took this class in college called "marriage as an interpersonal process" and learned so many good things. it was taught by a marriage and family counselor. he would teach his clients (and students) about how the mormon pioneers would pay their tithe in livestock. they were encouraged to "save their best chicken" to pay the tithe instead of giving the bishop's store house an "almost dead chicken." he used this same principle with spousal relationships. don't give your "best chicken" or "best self" to your job, school. etc. but come home and give your "best chicken" to your spouse, instead of an "almost dead" one.

i'm still working on this.

2. follow the 2 minute rule.
another thing i learned in that class is called the 2 minute rule. when you come home you have two minutes to find your spouse and greet them. whatever the two of you are doing or have to do. drop it. find them. kiss them. hug them. and ask them how their day was. this helps you keep your priorities straight.

3. laugh. a lot.
the world will probably never know just how goofy lincoln and i are together. it's ridiculous. but goofy is fun. and it makes you laugh. it's okay to laugh and play and joke around like little kids. you probably already do this. so keep it up!

4. one good turn... gets most of the covers.
every reception i went to as a child with my parents, my dad would lean over and say to the bride and groom in the receiving line, "i have some marriage advice for you... one good turn... gets most of the covers." well, he was definitely right! it's a constant pull over here at our house.

i'm sure i could go on and on, but i won't.

best wishes mandy and kevin!!!!!!!

i hope you had the most wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

I love this advice! I am happy to say that I do all of these :) Except the "one good turn!" - my hubby takes care of that :)
Thanks for sharing!


Paige said...

Im not married.. but this all sounds like great advice.
BUT i am a huge "friends" fan!!
The "routine" is such a cute idea for your wedding dance! I hope your family and friends enjoyed the "friends" connection! :)