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hello, this is kara lynn from life in technicolor. and i was so thrilled when i got the opportunity to be a guest writer on mandy’s blog, love you long time while she would be off and away.

i, on the other hand, have recently have been dreaming up the idea of the perfect bath. yes, yes, a bath. in a bath tub. i am convinced that one of the most soulful ways to relax, and really learn to adsorb a moment, is to lie in a warm tub, with dimmed lighting, and rich aromas to infuse the senses.

centuries ago roman's surely understood that bathing was not just a necessary and regular routine, but a daily indulgence. a relaxing bath was the optimal answer to the daily stresses in life. producing either calming or invigorating results. from the ancient baths of rome to the sacred turkish bath houses in ornate extravagant domes, a bath aimed for pleasure is nothing short of an oasis for purifying the body and also purging of the soul. we as humans crave this sensations of being immersed in water--possibly because more than half of our body is comprised of it.

though many people still prefer hurried showers to bathing because of the innate sense of urgency we let live in us, experiencing restlessness and boredom in bathing is an even greater reason to value the importance in basking alone. solitary. with your thoughts. internalized. still. uninterrupted. indulging and reveling in the most similar state to the one we first grew and developed in.

living in the 21st century usually causes us to feel as if we need to double task ourselves. always getting something done. faster. swifter. quicker--the most efficiently. but that often causes us to rush over the twinkling moments which then slip inside the crack. what is the point then.

so here i am. bringing you the bath which if taken regularly will surely enliven you more with those few minutes in solitude. in your own personal mini-spa.


this can be simple. no elaborate rose petals or romantic music {though music. like the classical type is often inspiring, i prefer chopin's nocturnes, beethoven's preludes and rachmaninoff's rhapsody on a theme of paganini}.

i like to stock up in the spring and fall with a new type of dead sea bath salts. i prefer the EO bath salts, often found in the health food store. try lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for sore and achy muscles. perfect.

another fun addition besides the regular bubble bath purchased {if bubble bath is your thing i suggest avon's large bottles. they are kind to the skin and leave no irritation} is using essential oils. i use young living, look for 100% pure essential oils. you only need a few drops and it's better for your skin and hair than bubble bath.

through the years i realized i needed to invest in a pillow if i was supposed to get any sort of comfort out of this. these below are from bed, bath, and beyond.

finally to set the mood. i like to dim the lights. instead of making it a complete black out. so i have cheap candles i use, and love. then sit. this is usually the hardest part for some is to sit for very long. but by letting the mind and muscles go; winding your mind through open meadows. then your spirit will sooth with the watery nothingness, and rises to a steamy heaven on earth.

here are some bathtub photos just to swoon at. enjoy:

photos via google images, contemporist, and duravit.

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Love using essential oils. What amazing bath interiors!!

Fab blog, definitely be back! :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xxx