tomorrow I am getting married.

I am so happy it hurts.

(get ready for some amazing guest posts this week.)


Mandy (almost) Voisin


Dawn said...

tomorrow will be better than you've ever imagined.
if i could. i'd get married every year, bc for me, it's gotten better every year :)

BookQuoter said...

All you need is Love. Love is all you need. Always.

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

congratulations (again!) i hope your day is amazing...you deserve it! can't wait to hear all about it.
xoxo, jamie

Carmella said...

congratulations Mandy!!!
I'm so excited for you!!
you're going to be such a beautiful bride, to such a beautiful groom, on what is for sure going to be the most beautiful day!!
i wish you so much love!

kara lynn said...

ah so excited for you. and to see the pictures from your day!!

i hope everything goes as planned!!

xo to you!

Paige said...

congrats and best wishes!!!
that is so exciting!!! I hope your day is better than you can imagine :)


Belen said...

aw, congrats dear! sending love your way. :)

it feels like it wasn't even long ago that i read your post about getting engaged! haha.

DT said...

congrats... send you the best of wishes!

Katie Anderson Writer said...

You're quite possibly getting married right about now. Big congratulations Mrs Voisin!

Katie Anderson Writer said...

Wait, forgot about the whole time difference thing. Maybe not Mrs Voisin for a few hours...

(I'm in Scotland)

Half Dressed said...

You're getting married on my Mum's birthday :P Not that that's relevant in anyway! I hope you have the most amazing day!!

L x
Half Dressed

Greg and Vanessa said...

ohmygosh happy wedding day!!!!!

griffin&gretchen said...

have a happy happy day!

ms.tandy said...


You were most likely the oveliest bride on planet earth.

love, mandy.♥

Brittany said...

i can only imagine how lovely your day was. congratulations!


Amanda said...

Oh so perfect. Congrats to you and your mr.

sheena said...