for kevin

my name: she who is worthy of great love
i prayed every night,
since i was a small girl with a peter rabbit nightgown,
and a life full of sisters and books

my barbies marched along to the wedding song,
and i thought about how i would feel
when i knew who it was
that would hold my heart for the rest of time.

i pictured him just like you.
tall and smart and funny and kind.
and i didn't know he would study brains
or love sour patch kids and the office.

but i am so glad that you turned out to be that person
i prayed for since i was a small lady,
unaware of my own future but really wanting it

to be with you all along.


Brittany said...

this is what i hope for. beautiful, mandy. he's so lucky.

Melissa said...

I just love this...really.

Kari said...

Hello there!

I just found your blog, and I'm IN LOVE! You are so pretty and sweet. Come stop by my blog and say "hi!"


p.s. Married life is the best :)

p.p.s. You're a great writer...and I'm an English teacher, so that means a lot!

andrea said...

Love this :) Im sure excited for you :)

Jalene said...

so cute. :)

lincoln loves sour patches too!

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

i almost DIEEEDDDD when i saw your post!
the other day (prior to bubble blowing) we were talking about how i can't beat him at annyytthingg,
and andy said,
"you always beat me at scrabble"
hahahah that is so ridiculous.

ps. LOVED this post.
i think about that ALL the time, what i would have thought if i met andy when i was younger and was told i was going to marry him.
i think i'd be pretty pumped! :)

Jen said...

This is beautiful :)

Kari said...

p.p.s. I just read through so many of your archives, and I noticed that you are getting married THIS Saturday. There's nothing more beautiful or sacred or pure than kneeling across an alter and being sealed to the person you love for time and all eternity. I know it was the happiest day of my life. I'm excited for you to experience that. Congratulations (a few days early). :)

7upkels said...

This makes my heart melt. So sweet, and special. You two are lucky to have each other.

Half Dressed said...

So cute :)

L x
Half Dressed

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

andy's sister is coming. wahoo.
so at least theyre be ONE other girl.
but they'll be athletes, ex-army snipers.. and then ME.
haha. im going to die.
andy tried to convince me yesterday to do without the tent & just "make a shelter"
but then quickly realized he was pushing it!
and the 3 guys are just here for tonight then we're taking off backpacking.
i LOVE guests :)
especially andy's friends.
they are SO low maintenance and courteous

Renée said...

that's beautiful!

Taylor said...

This is so beautiful! I love your blog! How did you get it so personalized while still using Blogger? I would love for you to check out my blog The In's & Out's of Having It All @ http://sometimeshavingitall.blogspot.com


Kate said...

hi hi!

I just stumbled upon your sweet sweet blog and couldn't help but click your follow button!! your blog is lovely and i look forward to following your adventures in the future!

xo, kate

Anna said...

Beautiful! I love.

Happy weekend xo