Nate and Katie - Hearblack

after returning from europe it's been a busy week of beach-time and card-making for us.

here's to mandy and kevin! - a few of our favorite videos on dating, marriage, and being married

stay married, forever -- Charlie Winston, I Love Your Smile

nate & katie


Paige said...

beautiful videos! absolutely love the post



Jessica said...

cute! such fun vids. and mands, you didn't have Chris Brown at your wedding; but I loved it anyway

7upkels said...

what wonderful videos to share! that last one of charlie winston was especially great - he sang all from the heart, and that made it magical.

and as for the office - that is especially fitting, not only because it (almost) makes me cry and want to get married, but kevin reminds me of jim.

can't wait to hear all about the wedding day!