Sometimes I think about everything that is wrong,
but these remind me that most of the time
everything is right enough.

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Laura said...

these are my mom's favorite flowers. we have peonies in my back yard--deep red, pink, and white flowers. so pretty. miss you!

Katrina said...

My favorite flower too! :) Fun to see you the other night. You and Kevin are a beautiful couple!

Half Dressed said...

They are so pretty, and such gorgeous colours.

L x
Half Dressed

Kris said...

so so pretty! I missed out on them this year. Because I'm LAZY! :o)

david-and-emily said...

beautiful! I love these flowers, I wish they were in season longer. Welcome back from your honeymoon!

Michelle said...

so beautiful! I wish I had that desk too.

I hope married life is wonderful! I feel like everyone I know is getting engaged and married right now!

Brittany said...

right enough. i like that a lot.

gregandvanessa said...

wow those pics are beautiful. i want to take a bath with peonies!!